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ALC is a global coalition loyalty program first of its kind in the world. It's a unique dynamic reward given by a merchant to a client as a token for loyal business and appreciation for helping survive small and medium enterprise.
The idea of rewarding customer loyalty is not a new one. Rewards have taken on many different forms over years, but all the while, they’ve maintained their core value – increasing customer retention.

Thanks to advances in web applications and the ability to track every purchase a customer makes, these programs have skyrocketed in terms of popularity and effectiveness. A coalition type of loyalty program forges relationship is with several brands or companies. They use these allegiances to drive purchase behaviour and increase the value that customers earn with their purchases. Coalition programs demonstrate strong brand penetration through multiple levels and types of businesses.

A small business that manages to secure a partnership grows the value of their brand while increasing visibility and potential footfall.
These partnerships can be complicated to set up and maintain — both logistically and legally — but the results usually pay off in the end. There is a collaborative approach to things like coupons and discounts, with cross-promotion across brands. Funding requirements may be split by the involved companies. These companies can also share customer data and other business intelligence throughout the enterprise partnership.

Amero Loyalty Programme provides easy transaction between merchant and client. Only verified users can make a transaction over the server, so no other person or an organization can be entertained by cheating and deception over other.
Coalition loyalty programs make a lot of sense in today's economy and are supported by new kinds of technologies, such as more advanced big data handling architectures, and customer card reader setups that help to transmit valuable data into loyalty program systems.