Amero loyalty programme is innovative in its own way. We are not here to compete with any of the marketers who are already established in the corporate market. We are here to revolutionize the face of coalition loyalty programme.

Amero is a dynamic value loyalty programme that has camouflaged from the traditional tools of transactions. Amero coins help new merchants and clients in the market by facilitating the profit of earning that provides the high value of ALC in the market.

ALC is a unique transaction gateway that gives multiple usage options like-

  • * Membership and ALC cards
  • * Android and IOS apps
  • * Website connection
  • * On ground communication and many more
  • Amero innovations embody:
  • * Secured transaction
  • * Free set up and installation for merchant
  • * Multi-segment and multi nation correlation
  • * Use friendly
  • * You can count more and many.