Event management

Event management as a career option is all about creativity and management. It requires the application of skills for developing large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, weddings, formal corporate parties, concerts, or conventions.
Amero Loyalty trains an individual to run the show or an event using their brilliant multi-tasking skills and personable nature. We train them how to bring ideas to life and to come up with creative themes and formats and liaising, organizing and communicating with clients.

We train our trainees to acquire these skills which are necessary for an event manager:
• Excellent organization skills.
• The ability to carry out a number of tasks at the same time.
• Good communication and people skills.
• A creative approach to problem-solving.
• A high level of attention to detail.
• The ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
• Good negotiation, sales and marketing skills.

Event management is a very highly organized and meticulous career option. One has to be determined and should be able to carry out multitasking.


Public relations i.e. PR is all about maintaining or improving the reputation of a client. PR deals different aspects of a business but the key job is to become a communication line between public and company or organization or any firm. A PR agent communicates with the public on different mediums either directly or indirectly with an aim of creating a strong image in front of the public.
Amero delivers an exclusive training programme for people who wish to go for PR as their career option. Public Relations is a career avenue for those who have excellent communication skills and who wish to pursue a career that offers an opportunity to interact with lots of interesting people. This is a profession where you need to understand the listener’s psyche and mold it in your favor.

Amero enhances the skills like:
• Elaborated communication skill.
• Strategic communication
• Precise research skills
• Presentation skills.
• Liasoning skills.
• Social media skills.
Amero loyalty training program gives the trainee an experience for potential exposure with proper guidance.