There are numerous branches of Amero Research & Loyalty Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The Amero Cash

Amero Cash App is a an accessible tool of ALC which is a lot easier to operate. It provides an easy to use wallet base interchangeability with your fidelity points. Amero Loyalty Coin helps the small merchants achieve their determined goal of the firm.

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Amero Pay

It is MERCHANT ORIENTED APP which facilitates to carry out the transaction or exchange of monetary product from a client. Through this App,A Small & Medium Entrepreneur engaged with Legal Registered Business can enroll and be part of AMERO MERCHANT Network.

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Amero School Management

Amero School Management; this will optimize the proper functioning and communication between school authorities, parents, students and trustees of the school. This application comprises of features like sending a picture or a video, private conversation between the participating people. There will be a regular commute and constant sharing of information and updates. There will be an uninterrupted vigilance on students and teachers by parents and other authorities.

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It is an exchange platform which is used for trading of Amero Loyalty Coins.

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It provides you the handcrafted services at your doorstep. Search with location and place, so that you end up at the right place. Search for any store like grocery, food joints, malls, footwear shops, handicrafts, stationaries and many more you can count on.

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Abhi Doctor

Finding the right lab made easy Convenient and time-saving Book diagnostic tests at top quality labs

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Amero Lucky Click

Amero Research & Loyalty Solutions Pvt. has launched an app which gets you all the luck. This app is called “Amero Lucky Click.” Any Amero consumer can use this app. Anyone who shops anything from anywhere can post their selfie on Facebook and Instagram along with the purchased product with the #Ameroloyaltycoins and #ameroluckyclick. These pictures will be registered on our servers and our server will choose few lucky clicks among many.

Mafat Cab

AIt is the most accessible transport app for cabs. It provides the service for almost on the spot.

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