Social responsibilities

Amero loyalty programme is a coalition loyalty programme which facilitates the small and new merchants in the market to earn potential profit and growth. Amero team believes in value oriented work with consumer retention strategy. Amero teams believe - “REDEEM ALC, REDEEM HAPPINESS”.

We as a team serve the merchants who are overruled by the huge merchants or MNC’s. Small and new merchants in market are facing a lot of losses against the big online networks. We try to cover up their losses by providing the consumer retention programme that is Amero Loyalty rewards.
It facilitates reward points to consumers.
These reward points can be redeemed against travel, entertainment, food joints, pay bills, recharge etc. this will attract more consumers to Amero merchants. This way we’ll stop the monopoly of big merchants in the market.

Amero is a global coalition loyalty programme which offers a reward to its consumers on a transaction with any Amero product. Amero teams believe - “REDEEM ALC, REDEEM HAPPINESS”. We try our best to give extravagant services to our consumers. We are determined to evolve the face of loyalty programmes first in India and then globally. We encourage each other to work profoundly in a team with the value of integrity.

Core values help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. Amero Loyalty Programme works at nightfall also just to serve the loyal participating consumer. We bestow all our services to deliver the rightly favored utility.
We are more than happy to attend your queries and solve them in no time. Our officers are trained to solve every query of our consumers. ALC is a loyal loyalty coalition programme- “REDEEM ALC, REDEEM HAPPINESS”